Attracting A Great Relationship

The Law Of Attraction can help you get a relationship. Whenever you form an intention, that intention has two primary parts. The first component is the content of the intention. The content is the information component of your wish. It’s whatever you choose you want, such as a brand-new occupation, a far better sexual relationship, or more money.

The second part of an intention is the energy you bring to the intention. Some people explain this as an emotional sensation, like gratitude or joy, interest or thankfulness, yet the sensation is in fact the energy, not the emotion itself.

I’ll clarify the power element momentarily, yet first let’s address failure with the law of Manifestation. I often hear individuals whine that they have dutifully and properly used the Law of Attraction trying to get a new sexual relationship, yet their intentions just aren’t manifesting. Some of the more stubborn will certainly continue beating their heads up against the wall, using the same inefficient strategy despite the fact that it generates no outcomes week after week!

Others give up within a few hours when their coffee grande fails to show up, wrapping up that the whole Law Of Attraction concept is phony. Some typical troubles folks encounter when trying (unsuccessfully) to use manifestation are discussed here – how to get what you want. 


So, here’s the number 1 mistake individuals make: they mistake content for comprehensive intention. The issue is that content alone isn’t sufficient: energy is a crucial element of every intention, goal or objective.

Excellent content with no energy produces an objective that won’t materialize anything but stress.

Consider all the resources available to you online nowadays. Does that material merely whiz all over the world on its own?

Obviously not. Electricity is called for to deliver it to you. Without power that content is useless….. so suppose I write a new post for this web site, and before I upload it, my electrical energy fails. Initially I’m aggravated that my content isn’t gaining an audience….. then, I solve this issue. But is the problem with the material itself?

Do I have to boost the quality of the material … to create more content …  to post it? Those would certainly be quite stupid remedies, wouldn’t they? However, that’s precisely what many individuals do when attempting to obtain the intentions they set but which do not seem to be working.

If you’re nitpicking the details of your goals, you’re like an author quibbling over the wording of a private journal that nobody else is ever going to see. It doesn’t matter. The power of an objective isn’t the same as emotional power, however it’s a good metaphor.

Many people refer to energy as the psychological power (energy) you offer up to an intention. That’s part of it, but strong feelings are the result of, not the reason for, that energy. If you wish to see some high-energy manifesters, look at kids. Kids are manifestation masters.

When they truly desire something, they ask for it, endlessly…. and they’ll drive everybody crazy with their wishes! And they do not quit!

So what sort of power do you bring to your objectives? Do you speak of them like you’re discussing a piece of charred toast? Or are you so juiced that you’re just leaking with interest?

I’m not suggesting you should behave like a child, but get more excited with strong emotions that produce energy! The value of your emotional states is that they can generate the right amount of power.

If you’re so passionate about your purpose that folks keep telling you to shut up regarding it, you’re on the right track….  you clearly have plenty of energy behind your goals, and you will probably manifest successfully with the law of attraction.

The source of this power is in fact the universe itself. The power is already there. You simply should link to it with your intention. Consider how electrical power works.

The electrons are already sitting there in the wires, and they begin moving when you flip a switch to complete the circuit, thus developing a current to your devices.

Your intentions work much the same way. The energy is already there. You simply need to start the current flowing in the right direction. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the actual nature of your goal… to go back to our metaphor, electrical power doesn’t care whether it’s powering a computer system or a coffee maker, nor does intentional power care what you are building.

So just how do you get this power current flowing? First you need to recognize the concept of polarity. Picture an electric battery with one positive and one negative terminal. If you hook the electric battery as much as a circuit, electrons will flow in one direction, thus producing power. But reverse the terminals and what happens? Nothing – (or you blow up your electrical device!)

Now what if you wished to raise the current moving through your circuit? You could do that by bring in more electric batteries, right? But the batteries need to be arranged in the same polarity… because when some face one way and some the other, the power is lacking…

So what does this have to do with law of attraction manifestation? Well, the sexual and emotional power you apply to your intentions also has polarity, just like an electric battery. It could flow one direction or the other. You’ll know you have a strong energy when you experience strong emotions.