Do You Have A Purpose?

It’s vitally important that if you want to achieve anything using the Law of Attraction, then you should examine your relationship with money closely – particularly if you’re seeking to manifest wealth or greater abundance.

You see, all the beliefs that we hold about money, both socially and culturally and individually will play into the success – or otherwise – of your attempts to manifest greater abundance. The Law Of Attraction is one of the universal laws, which means it works for all, consistently, but you may not know how to tap into it.

History Has A Massive Impact

Think back to when you were a child: you probably learned, somehow, that money was a source of power, or a commodity which allowed you to get your needs met in some way.

And of course in our early years, every Christmas and every birthday may become a festival dominated by the exchange of presents – of material goods – which somehow, in some mysterious way, children take as a measure of how important or worthwhile they are.

Parents who don’t supply enough love and attention may well offer material goods to ease their own guilt, but in doing so make the relationship between personal worth and financial worth even more explicit for their children.

By the time you’re an adult, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to separate the concept of wealth and self-worth.

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Is this what you see as the sign of your worth?

Indeed, I suspect if you stop to think about it, you may discover that the level of fulfillment that you get from your job is at least in part dependent on how well you’re paid. And, when you think about it, this is completely illogical: there’s no reason whatsoever to expect a relationship between these two things.

Of course pursuing material goods at the expense of true fulfillment – which could broadly be described as the result of encouraging a man or woman to find their soul purpose and to live from the heart – means that we become disconnected from ourselves, from our soul purpose, and often we stop looking for it.

The depressed and disheartened look that so many people have who are moving from middle age into elderhood might just be about the limitations of age in a physical sense, but I suspect it’s much more likely to be about the cynicism and bitterness that comes from not having achieved their soul purpose, and indeed perhaps not even knowing what it was in the first place.

The trouble is that in childhood, few of us received the right level of care and attention from our caregivers – the level of care in nurturing – in fact, call it love – which was needed to allow us to recognize what would be fulfilling for us on an individual level, both personally and spiritually.

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Good nurturing produces healthy adults

It’s an unfortunate fact that although the human brain has evolved to a very high level, and that our consciousness is now far beyond anything that even we can imagine, our cultural practices of child-rearing and self-awareness are still trapped in an psychological evolutionary timewarp.

Alas! How few of us actually understand the power that we possess, and how few of us actually use it.

How few of us actually understand that we are connected inexorably to the universe, and that every person we damage by verbal abuse or physical abuse, and every act of gratuitous violence or exploitation of the planet, damages us. We truly are all one.

And with that knowledge, let’s go back to the question of spirituality and money.

It’s an observable fact that children who are brought up in a respectful and caring environment will develop an energy – or rather, they will maintain the energy with which they were born – which feels very spiritual and even holy.

As emotional wounds (rather than physical, though no doubt the same is true of physical wounds) accumulate, this energy dissipates and is replaced by a different kind of energy – that of adaptation to the world, most notably marked by the ways in which child has to adapt to be accepted by its family and the world around it. And how he represses his own self and true nature…. to be accepted.

The essence of this change in the very being of an individual child is the loss of innocence, or the loss of spirituality.

Bear in mind of course that a child who is not exposed to the pull of material wealth will continue to maintain a more spiritual connection with the world around him or her.

Freedom, as you may be able to see, does not depend on money when you’re in this pure emotional place.

Yet the world conspires against us to define our sense of self by reference to other people – and indeed by reference to the culture. Which means that people who are rich, or have great wealth, can make us feel inferior, because we feel worth less. Or worthless.

And depending on how those whom we admire, and those whose opinions we listen to, relate to us, we will form a self-image which will basically control who we are and what we become later in life.

Law of Attraction Results Depend On Your Sense Of Self

That includes your ability to manifest reality using the Law of Attraction: because if you expect the world to be a provident place, and give you what you need, you’re much more likely to be successful at manifesting money than if you are a person who believes that they are worthless or worth less than those around you.

In any event, the soul is a delicate and precious part of us, and connects us to ourselves and to the world around us, and to other people as well.

Such a sensitive part of our being will “retreat” into hiding if we are threatened by emotional wounding. Indeed, I believe that soul recovery can be one of the necessary healing processes for men and women who were severely abused in childhood, and who split psychologically.

When I write this, the sadness that sweeps over me is – in part – a reflection of the fact that I understand with a visceral experience in this moment why so few people are able to use the law of attraction successfully.

And healing oneself, so that one’s soul grows ever stronger, and fully inhabits the body for its duration on the planet, is necessary to effectively utilize the energy that you have available for the process of determining your life.

When your energy is being used to defend against emotional wounds, you can hardly expect the achievement of great success in life.

This means, to me, that we all need to find our true path through life. And indeed, perhaps sometimes that path through life is all about recovering who we truly were just after we were born – innocent and spiritually pure.

For many times that true path defines our purpose in life, our mission, as it were, and the things that we need to do in life to recover ourselves can often be the things that give us the greatest fulfillment.

In conclusion, remember that there is no such thing as a mistake when you’re working towards finding the true path you should be following through life. What actually matters far more is that you continue to make every effort that you can to explore the excitement of the journey.

Manifest abundance

Manifest abundance

As far as abundance and prosperity is concerned, I think you will easily be able to understand that when you are following the correct path of your soul through life, you’re much more likely to experience abundance and prosperity.

But bear in mind that abundance comes in many forms – it’s not just about money. It can be about the feeling of satisfaction, it can be about the feeling of fulfillment, it can be about love… And many other things as well.

Prosperity, of course, generally implies you are wealthy or rich, or successful financially. By contrast, you may be living in a state of abundance already without understanding that fact if you are actually surrounded by love.

These are paradoxes, and I’ve heard many people say that achieving wealth and success in life are the byproducts of following a spiritually true path for yourself….. I’m not so sure that that’s true, though.

My experience of manifestation has been that great wealth and prosperity can be achieved before one finds one’s soulful purpose. What I think I can say is this: that prosperity and spiritual abundance are best experienced together.