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When you think about the world around you, do you have a sense of joy and happiness, delighting in the many different ways in which mother nature manifests a wondrous world?

mind over matter

A good mental attitude produces healthy adults

Or do you have a more pessimistic response to the world around you, feeling that perhaps things are very negative, and that there’s little reason for optimism?

Well, this is very interesting dilemma for a lot of people, because the optimists among us, in particular those of spiritual bent, tend to ignore the fact that the world seems to be full of strife and difficulty and conflict, emphasizing the positive aspects of the world, the spiritual nature of the environment around us, the glories of creation.

Video – spirituality and nature

While the pessimists among us, possibly including those of a materialistic nature, seem to ignore the spiritual aspects of our existence and focus on the sometimes hard reality of what is happening in the world.

Yet there is a middle ground of course, which has been spoken about by sages and mystics for centuries, if not millennia — which is to say, you can take the view that we are a species with “our feet on the ground, and our heads in the clouds.”

All this means in fact, of course, is that we are spiritual beings, enjoying an earthly existence.

As such, it’s natural and right that we should use every method at our disposal to contact the spiritual energy of the universe, the creative intelligence, the divine intelligence, or as some people like to refer to it, the Great Oneness or The Mystery.

We are all part of a greater whole

We are all part of a greater whole

Now the reason I mention this is because which of these positions you adopt will have a very significant effect on your ability to manifest reality — in other words, to attract good health, to form the world around you, to manifest reality in the way that suits you, according to your desires, or to manifest spiritual and emotional events and feelings which all meet your requirements and satisfy your needs.

Manifestation and good health

There is almost no area of human existence in which manifestation cannot be used to make things better — but in the context of health we are talking about something that tests many people’s belief systems.

But the skeptics, all the pessimists, will be immediately saying “Is it really possible for someone to control the state of their health if they have a genetic problem, perhaps, or a childhood predisposition to a certain illness?” (Maybe – see this on gene regulation.)

In truth,  the answer to that is not really clear, because people who claim to have the ability to control the state of their health often can’t produce any evidence of their well-being. It’s certainly not an area where scientific studies have been done: but if you have lived among people with the optimistic point of view, you will know that many believe they have the ability to control the activity of their minds.

And you, like me, will probably think there is a circumstantial body of evidence which at the very least suggests that it is possible to determine one’s state of health by determining or controlling one’s mental attitudes. See www.therealsecretsofsuccess.com for more on this.

mind over matter

A good mental attitude produces healthy adults

So without seeking to offer an answer to the question, I certainly would like to propose the possibility of changing the state of one’s health exists in certain cases… for any individual with sufficient faith in the power of the mind over the power of the body.

And how is that exercised? By using visualization and manifestation techniques to attract good health.

Here’s an example of how people used visualization to control their state of health — I guess if you’re in the group of people who I would describe as positive and affirming, and perhaps verging on the spiritual, then you find this unsurprising.

But if you’re in the pessimistic group or the materialistic group, then you might like to look at this video.

Video — the power of faith to heal

Of course none of this is scientific evidence, but it is fascinating to browse around material on the Internet which is concerned with people’s informal accounts of their healing from serious illness. Sure, there’s a lot of charlatans in this area, as time has revealed, from magicians posing as people with psychic ability, through to faith healers who have been exposed as fraudulent.

But none of that denies the possibility that manifestation and the visualization that is so closely associated with it can actually effect healing in the human body when necessary.

I leave you with another video which at least introduces the possibility of the reality of healing as an act of faith. In the end, of course, whether you believe in manifestation of good health or in the manifestation of reality in any other area of life is entirely due to your experience — a fine irony, in fact, as you are indeed the author of your own life and you create the experiences within it.

It seems to me, therefore, obvious that anyone who says they believe in the Law of Attraction is more likely to be somebody who’s used it successfully than somebody who has never managed to achieve successful reality creation. A powerful thought, indeed.