Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore

This is an interesting new approach to relationship make-up, which involves communication by different medium — SMS messaging.

Mike Fiore has written many different programs on the Internet all about relationships and couples, which could be in some ways the modern form of couple counselling!!

I suppose in a way it’s always been extremely good value and useful for people who don’t want to see a counsellor face-to-face to actually approach each other via a different medium — and in the case of SMS messaging, what could be more perfect for couple who have broken up?

You see the thing is this medium keeps everything private, it allows direct communication with or without the emotional tones that might lead to the end of the relationship of the lost girlfriend or boyfriend concerned, and it allows people to get a sense of being in control of what happens to them.

Now I work in the field of counselling and therapy, and I often suggest that people who are in this kind of situation go for counselling, because it creates a neutral space in which each partner can express their deepest desires wishes with the protection of a counsellor or therapist to ensure that they are heard by their partner.

However, as you very well know, one of the difficulties with relationship break-ups is that people are often unwilling to meet, being in a place of great emotion which prevents them from a sensing their true feelings to their partners, or indeed a rational, adult approach to talking to them.

Now having said all that, it’s certainly not a cure all works unquestionably in every case, but it certainly is an interesting idea: to communicate with your partner in a way that allows you to express both your true feelings and your deepest desires is a profound thing, and not be underestimated in terms of the influence of can have on a relationship repair.

If you want to get your ex back, the your girlfriend or boyfriend, then one of the most productive and helpful things that you could possibly do for yourself is to put yourself into a position of power and control by having a look at Mike Fiore’s program, which is easily available on the Internet — not least from this link.

Now it’s been said that one of the things that you need to keep in mind is that winning your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back isn’t actually very difficult — it’s keeping them that is more challenging. And of course is a lot of truth in that — because was the pain of breakup is so great that you want to get your partner back, once they’re back, you might often revert to the behaviour that led them to leave in the first place!

Now what’s the answer to this?

While of course the answer as it is in all relationship issues is to find a behaviour pattern solution that allows you to do things differently.

While I said above that counselling could be one option people in this situation, and of course it can, but another option is to use Mike Fiore’s program text your ex back, because it actually seems to work very well for a great number of people.

So to give you an introduction to the kind of thing that people will want to know about text your ex back, going to list five steps that you should never take to get your ex-boy friend or ex-girlfriend back!

Think of it as a 101 primer for relationship repair.

The first one of course is to call and text your ex-partner all the time — so this means that you’re not going to get over the breakup easily, and you’re going to make yourself feel better by text thing and messaging your ex-partner every few minutes. The problem is that they’re in an angry space, and they don’t want to actually have anything to do with you, so the approach your adopting, expressing your extreme neediness is a disaster.

No matter how strongly you feel you have to contact your partner, you really have to stop doing this. And in particular, you really really don’t want do this when you go out drinking! Especially that’s what your friends are advising you to do…

So the next mistake is to stop begging. This is centre of your neediness, and what needs to be adjusted here is how you actually feel about yourself — in other words, that you’re not self-reliant enough to survive without a relationship with another person. Let’s face it, getting back together with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend just because that makes you feel good enough to be alive is hardly a very sensible reason, or a good plan for your life.

The next mistake is to let somebody walk all over you, because you actually decided that you want them back so badly, you’ll agree to anything they ask of you,. Clearly this is not a relationship of equals, it’s not a relationship of equality, and it’s not a relationship which is going to serve you in any way whatsoever.

You simply need to re-establish a high level of self-esteem so that you can actually speak freely and openly to your partner about your needs and wishes, without having the expectation that they are going to satisfy them.

Mistake number four is to shower your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend with your love. Or indeed “all your love”.

This kind of approach is actually going to make them feel trapped and drive them away, the reasons that you actually know very well if you stop to think about it. And finally, mistaken finest freak out when your partner, that is to say your ex-partner, starts dating somebody else — the truth is that you have no ownership of your partner, and there’s no reason why you should expect to be involved in their decisions about dating somebody else.

If you really want your partner back, you have to behave in a sensible way, you have to actually find a way to heal the breach, and you have to find a way to re-establish greater self-esteem on your part.

As you may already realise, my suggestion to you is text your ex back by Mike Fiore, because I happen to believe that is a very effective and powerful way of re-establishing connection and contact with somebody you fundamentally love just for their own sake.